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At the end of June Comactiva moved into partly new premises, but we are still to be found at the same address as before. Feel free to stop by for a coffee in our new kitchen!  

In June 2014, Comactiva entered into a mutual business agreement with Teknomedia. Teknomedia will provide Comactiva with voice agency, voice-over, sound production, film production, 3D and other digital services, and Comactiva will provide translation services for Teknomedia’s customers. We look forward to hearing from you when you require digital services!


We always proofread all translations, in their entirety and against the original, twice. We never compromise on this quality control procedure; it means peace of mind for our customers and sets us apart on the market.

pw-logo-comactivapw-logo-comactivapw-logo-comactivapw-logo-comactivapw-logo-comactivaPhotowall is a Swedish company with a passion for design and quality. The company creates unique, inspiring wall décor, working with talented photographers and designers from around the world. Photowall offers bespoke wall murals and canvas prints from a wide range of products, and is also an official partner to Disney, Star Wars, Modesty Blaise, Moomin Characters and others.


Since Photowall is an online retailer, the website acts as the company’s main shop window and sales tool for consumers. Good language is vital for ensuring that an online retail site instils confidence and peace of mind. For several years, Comactiva has been translating newsletters, press releases and other material for Photowall’s website into Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and English.

Sample of our work:

Links: Photowall – official website

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with what’s happening in the industry, and find out what exciting language and translation issues we’re grappling with at the moment. We have also started our own brand new blog, with diverse thoughts on language and the art of translation (in Swedish only). Subscribe today and be part of it from the very beginning!

NM_logoNM_logoNM_logoNM_logoNM_logoNordiska museet is Sweden’s largest cultural history museum, its remit being to add new perspective to social development. Exhibitions, displays, publications, talks, archives and a library all help pass on knowledge that increases awareness of historical contexts and provides greater insight into different cultures. The collections comprise over 1.5 million exhibits – the smallest being a pin and the largest a fire engine.


Comactiva mainly supplies English translations of texts for Nordiska museet’s various exhibitions. Samples of our work include translations for the exhibitions entitled DANDY (22/10 2010-1/5 2011) and GARBAGE (18/2-25/9 2011). The assignments require thorough research into the theme of each exhibition, and the ability to create a well-formulated translation and a vivid style. This also presents an extra challenge as many of the texts are very specific to Swedish culture.

Sample of our work:


Nordiska museet – official website

Is the grass greener on the other side even in Greenlandic?

Comactiva Translation

Technical manual, annual report or creative promotional text? We translate texts in most subject areas. If you have a finalized original, we’ll find the right translator for the job. Needless to say, all our translators live and work in the country where the target language is spoken.

Read more about Comactiva Translation…

A Brit might take the lion’s share. But can a Dane do the same?

Comactiva Language Checking

Unsure wether your text is well written? Our proofreaders and language checkers are professional linguists who can read through your text and make sure that it is grammatically, stylistically and syntactically correct.

Read more about Comactiva Language Checking…

Is a dog a man’s best friend even in Farsi?

Comactiva Consultation

The name of your new product may sound great in English, but how does it work on other markets? Does it have connotations in Chinese? Is it impossible to pronounce? Does it make the right associations?

Read more about Comactiva Consultation…

Can the last straw break the camel’s back even in Arabic?

Translating creative promotional text calls for extra care to ensure that the message has the best possible impact. You provide the creative copy and brief us on the intended target group, purpose, concept and main message. We then use your original to produce a translation adapted to the conditions and trends on the target market.

Read more about Comactiva Advertising Adaptation…

Make sure there’s nothing fishy about your DTP.

Comactiva DTP

Running out of time and that brochure needs to be printed in 20 language versions? Don’t panic. We can also typeset text into your layout template and deliver print-ready material..

Read more about Comactiva DTP…

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We know the importance of industry knowledge. Our network includes experienced translators who specialise in your sector.

All assignments and inquiries are always covered by confidentiality agreements. Your material is in safe hands with us.

Information about you and your company will be handled in line with strict procedures and used solely to improve our service.

Thomas 10_webThomas 10_webThomas 10_webThomas 10_webThomas 10_web

Thomas Rösch

Sales and Marketing Manager

Tel: +46 (0)31-701 48 95

thomas (at) comactiva (.) se


ISO 9001_eng_blue_bakgrundISO 9001_eng_blue_bakgrundISO 9001_eng_blue_bakgrundISO 9001_eng_blue_bakgrundISO 9001_eng_blue_bakgrundComactiva Language Partner AB certified to ISO 9001:2008 

Gothenburg-based language services provider Comactiva Language Partner AB has been certified to ISO 9001:2008 for its quality management system. The certification guarantees the company’s well-established structure for quality management in the language services sector.

“ISO 9001:2008 is an international quality standard that covers all aspects of a company’s quality processes. The management system regulates the entire operation, from the initial contact with a potential client to project follow-up and sign-off,” says Victoria H Kilstam, a co-owner of Comactiva Language Partner AB and one of the people in charge of the certification process. “The system also defines how we continuously adapt our operation in order to better meet our clients’ needs.

“SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden is the body responsible for checking compliance with the standard. They were delighted with the results of their audit and praised the dedication and responsibility of our personnel, which was very pleasing to see,” Victoria H Kilstam continues.

“More effective operational management and greater profitability are just some of the positive effects that a smoothly functioning, certified quality management system brings,” says Thomas Rösch, co-owner of Comactiva Language Partner AB. “Moving forward, the certification will help to drive and develop the company in the right direction, resulting in dedicated personnel and even more satisfied clients. We want to be the natural choice for clients who place strict demands on their language services provider, and quality certification is a way of guaranteeing that we’re working in the right way,” Thomas Rösch concludes.

For further information, please contact:
Victoria H Kilstam
Co-owner and Head of Finances, Comactiva Language Partner AB
Tel. +46 (0)31-701 48 99
E-mail: victoria (at) comactiva (.) se

Thomas Rösch
Co-owner and Sales and Marketing Manager, Comactiva Language Partner AB
Tel. +46 (0)31-701 48 95 or +46 (0)708-36 51 96
E-mail: thomas (at) comactiva (.) se

Comactiva Language Partner AB is a language services provider with offices in Gothenburg, Sweden, 12 employees and annual sales in the region of EUR 1.5 million. Comactiva offers culturally adapted translations and general language consultation services. The company’s market comprises organisations with high quality standards when it comes to cross-border communication.

Comactiva Language Partner AB | Kungsgatan 7 | SE-411 19 Göteborg | www.comactiva.se |

From Christmas 2012, Comactiva is a corporate sponsor of Swedish charity BRIS – Children’s Rights in Society. BRIS acts as a link between children, adults and the community. BRIS’s core services are the BRIS 116 111 hotline, BRIS e-mail and BRIS chat. Children and young people up to the age of 18 can use these services to contact BRIS anonymously and free of charge when they need the support of an adult. BRIS aims to provide vulnerable children and young people with advice and support, and to make it easier for them to conduct a dialogue with adults. BRIS emphasises the children’s perspective and sees children and young people as its clients – all operations are planned based on their needs.

BRIS is a not-for-profit organisation that survives on the goodwill of companies and private individuals. BRIS has no party political or religious affiliations, and its main aim is to help children in distress. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child serves as an important guide in this work.

Read more about BRIS’s work here.

Comactiva’s website has now been translated into Danish. Demand for translations and language services for the Danish market, particularly in life sciences and the industrial sector, has increased steadily in 2011, and the launch of the Danish website is part of our strategic focus on Denmark from early 2012. Danish customers include Krea Medie A/S, which you can read more about here.

Médecins Sans Frontières MSF (Doctors Without Borders) is an independent humanitarian medical aid organisation committed to providing medical aid where it is most needed, regardless of race, religion, politics or gender and also to raising awareness of the plight of the people it helps.

Read more about MSF and their work.


Folkhälsobanken is a forum for information relating to people’s well-being. One Folkhälsobanken project is a blood communication campaign. It has been running for 15 years or so, and the aim of the 2011 campaign is to spread information about the lack of blood at our hospitals in order to increase the number of blood donors and reduce blood imports next year.

Blood saves lives. Give blood! Find your nearest Blood Centre in Sweden at www.geblod.nu


SOS Children’s Villages

For more than 60 years SOS Children’s Villages has been giving orphaned and abandoned children a new home, a family and an education in one of the 500 children’s villages around the world. The organisation also helps support vulnerable families so that children need never become orphans or be abandoned. SOS Children’s Villages has no political or religious ties and strives to realise the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Comactiva Translations is a sponsor of SOS Children’s Villages. Become a sponsor! Read more at the Swedish site www.sos-barnbyar.se or the international site www.sos-childrensvillages.org

Comactiva Translations recently became member number 100 of ELIA, the European Language Industry Association. ELIA is an international industry organisation for translation agencies and other language service providers, which aims to further the development of business relations between members and other international organisations. ELIA also works to promote ethics and quality in the industry, and organises regular seminars and conferences around the world. Comactiva took part in the latest ELIA Networking Days which were held in Stockholm on 13-15 May. The next ELIA Networking Days will take place on 10-12 November in Athens.

Read more about ELIA here: www.elia-association.org

In 2006 translations in the field of life sciences, pharmaceuticals, research and health accounted for 7.3% of our total turnover. In 2010-11 that figure has risen to an estimated 27.6%.

“We have extensive experience of delivering language services to this sector, but we launched a strategic initiative five years ago and are now seeing the results of that,” says Thomas Rösch, Sales and Marketing Manager at Comactiva Translations. “We have become a reliable specialised partner for language and translation services in this area. There is strong demand on this market, and we will continue our initiative and carry on developing our business in life sciences.”

Comactiva is the new supplier of language services for technical consultancy COWI. With 800 employees and 15 offices in Sweden, COWI provides advanced engineering services for the private and public sectors in industry, infrastructure, construction and real estate.

Under the new agreement, Comactiva Translations will be COWI’s business partner for translations, language checks, consultation and adaptation of advertising copy. Read more about COWI at www.cowi.com

It’s now even easier to stay up to date about what’s happening at the agency and in the translation industry in general. Comactiva’s newsletter Anslagstavlan is released a few times a year in Swedish only, and contains important information and interesting articles for our customers and partners. Sign up to receive the latest news straight in your inbox! You can cancel your subscription at any time.

We’ve been talking about it for a long time, and now it’s finally here: we are proud to present our new website, developed in partnership with web agency OurEgo. We do hope you’ll visit often. Enjoy!



We know the importance of industry knowledge. Our network includes experienced translators who specialise in your sector.

All assignments and inquiries are always covered by confidentiality agreements. Your material is in safe hands with us.

Information about you and your company will be handled in line with strict procedures and used solely to improve our service.

Victoria Kilstam_webVictoria Kilstam_webVictoria Kilstam_webVictoria Kilstam_webVictoria Kilstam_web

Victoria H Kilstam

Head of Finances

Tel: +46 (0)31-701 48 99

victoria (at) comactiva (.) se

Anne Harriss_webAnne Harriss_webAnne Harriss_webAnne Harriss_webAnne Harriss_web

Anne Harriss

Production Manager/ Translator

Tel: +46 (0)31-701 51 61

anne (at) comactiva (.) se

Linda Müller_webLinda Müller_webLinda Müller_webLinda Müller_webLinda Müller_web

Linda Müller

Project Manager/Translator

Tel. +46 (0)31-701 48 93

linda (at) comactiva (.) se

Maria Framme_webMaria Framme_webMaria Framme_webMaria Framme_webMaria Framme_web

Maria Framme

Project Manager/Translator
On leave of absence

Tel: +46 (0)31-701 48 91

maria (at) comactiva (.) se

Gabriella Rudström_webGabriella Rudström_webGabriella Rudström_webGabriella Rudström_webGabriella Rudström_web

Gabriella Rudström

Project Manager/Translator

Tel. +46 (0)31-701 48 98

gabriella (at) comactiva (.) se

Linda Heljevik_webLinda Heljevik_webLinda Heljevik_webLinda Heljevik_webLinda Heljevik_web

Linda Heljevik

Accounting Assistant

Tel: +46 (0)31-701 48 90

linda.heljevik (at) comactiva (.) se


service-oversattning-engservice-oversattning-engservice-oversattning-engservice-oversattning-engservice-oversattning-engTranslation is the very core of our service offering. Adhering to the professional translators’ ethical code and European Standard SS-EN15038:2006 for translation services, we endeavour to deliver translations that are adapted to the target market, but don’t feel translated.

Translation into English, Swedish, German, French, Spanish, or even Telugu perhaps? No problem. Or you may be looking for an industrial and technical translator, a medical translator for pharmaceutical documentation and life sciences, or a translator experienced in annual reports and other financial texts? No problem there either. Thanks to our global network of professional translators and linguists with widely differing areas of specialisation, we offer a swift service into and from most of the world’s business languages, in most file formats. Read more about our work under FAQ or request a quotation.

service-sprakgranskning-engservice-sprakgranskning-engservice-sprakgranskning-engservice-sprakgranskning-engservice-sprakgranskning-engIt can be demanding enough writing a correct, well-formulated text in your mother tongue, but you may also be expected to write in a different corporate language as well. Whether it’s German, French or another of the world’s many business languages, you can always turn to us for proofreading and quality assurance if you are unsure whether your text is grammatically or idiomatically correct. We have professional, independent language checkers who can go through the text and help you raise it to a professional level that strengthens your company’s brand.

Request an estimate for your text here.

tornum-logotornum-logotornum-logotornum-logotornum-logoTornum has many years’ experience of delivering grain dryers and has a strong position on the market. Tornum develops and produces grain handling equipment using modern technology.


Tornum is expanding rapidly in Europe. Comactiva translates and typesets their manuals, either directly with Tornum or in collaboration with Situation concept marketing in Skövde, western Sweden.

Sample of our work:

Links: Tornum AB – website

gunnebo-logogunnebo-logogunnebo-logogunnebo-logogunnebo-logoKoncernen tillhandahåller integrerade säkerhetslösningar till kunder med höga krav på säker kontanthantering, passagekontroll och tillträdeskontroll, intrångsskydd och brandskydd.


Gunnebo och Comactiva samarbetar bland annat vid produktionen av tidningen Global, årsredovisningen, pressreleaser och kvartalsrapporter. Både språkgranskningar, konsultation och översättning till ett stort antal språk kan komma ifråga. Kunskap om branschen och mycket snabba leveranser är en viktig framgångsfaktor.

Sample of our work:

Links: Gunnebo AB – officiell webbplats

rbs-logorbs-logorbs-logorbs-logorbs-logoThe Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is the largest international bank in the Nordic region with a total of 160 employees in Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo and Copenhagen. RBS offers financing and risk management, corporate advisory (M&A) and equities to the very largest Nordic companies, financial institutions and public sector organisations.


Comactiva translates Release into English, a quarterly magazine from The Royal Bank of Scotland, Nordic Region, which is distributed to customers, partners and employees. As with translations of all customer magazines, the assignment requires flair and good journalistic style.

Sample of our work:

Links: RBS – official website

uddeholm-logouddeholm-logouddeholm-logouddeholm-logouddeholm-logoSince 1668, Uddeholm has been associated with knowledge and innovative spirit relating to the highest quality Swedish steel.


Hagfors is where Uddeholm produces top-quality steel, and Uddeholm reaches out to the world in its marketing with Comactiva’s translation help. The assignments are carried out both directly with Uddeholm and in collaboration with Partners Reklambyrå in Karlstad.

Sample of our work:

Links: Uddeholm Tooling AB – website

munters-logo1munters-logo1munters-logo1munters-logo1munters-logo1Munters is a world-leading supplier of energy-efficient air treatment solutions and restoration services based on expertise in humidity and climate control technologies.


Comactiva translates product brochures and manuals for Munters into many different languages, and over the years we have built up extensive technical expertise in this area.

Sample of our work:

Links: Munters Europe AB – website

ifs-logoifs-logoifs-logoifs-logoifs-logoIFS, one of the world’s leading suppliers of business systems, offers solutions that enable companies to respond swiftly to market changes and use resources in a more flexible way, in order to achieve better business results and gain a competitive edge.


Customer and internal magazines are assignments we are delighted to accept. One of the magazines we translate is IFS News, which is translated into the Nordic languages.

Sample of our work:

Links: IFS – official website

brother-logobrother-logobrother-logobrother-logobrother-logoBrother is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of printers, fax machines, multifunction printers, labellers, label printers and sewing machines.


Comactiva’s assignment is primarily to translate brochures and product catalogues for Brother’s product range, from English into Swedish, and to deliver in print-ready format.

Sample of our work:

Links: Brother Sverige – filial till Brother Nordic A/S, Danmark – official website

jansen-logojansen-logojansen-logojansen-logojansen-logoThe Janssen-Cilag group of companies has operations in virtually every country worldwide and is active in a wide range of therapeutic areas including neurology, oncology, psychiatry, pain and fungal infections.


Comactiva has been delivering language services to Janssen-Cilag in the Nordic region for many years, and has translated everything from consent forms, package leaflets and information brochures to websites and white papers. These texts are primarily translated into the Scandinavian languages, but also into many other languages including a large number of immigrant languages.

Sample of our work:

Links: Janssen-Cilag – official website

chevalierchevalierchevalierchevalierchevalierChevalier is one of Europe’s leading producers of specialist huntwear, and is represented in around 25 countries. Chevalier has been making hunting and outdoor clothing for over 50 years. 


Since 1997 Comactiva has been translating Chevalier’s catalogue and advertisements into English, German, Finnish, Russian and other languages, and the assignment has also included typesetting. The project requires a combination of knowledge about the clothing industry, an understanding of how the products work in nature, and an ability to preserve the sometimes poetic stylistic level that characterises the catalogue texts. Please feel free to visit Chevalier’s website and be inspired.

Sample of our work:

Links: Chevalier – website

titeltiteltiteltiteltitelTITEL Books AB has one foot in the publishing world and one in the communication sector. With an extensive network of editors, writers and creatives, the company based in southern Sweden is a reliable partner for producing books that bring people joy, knowledge and inspiration. 


Comactiva’s work with TITEL entails translating books and children’s books from the IKEA FAMILY range into a wide range of European and Asian languages. A few examples are productions from the BARNSLIG and GOSIG children’s book series, as well as the book about BILLY, which attracted a lot of attention and was published to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the bookcase in 2009.

Sample of our work:

Links: Titel – official website

We require that our translators live in the target language country, have training in and/or long experience of translating into their mother tongue and excellent knowledge of the language they translate from. Specialist expertise in particular types of translation is also an advantage. Translation checkers must have excellent knowledge of both the target and source language (the target language should be the mother tongue), but it is not necessary to live in the target language country. If you think you fulfil our requirements, please complete the form and we will be in touch.

I must just give you some positive feedback on all the Danish leaflets you’ve translated for us. The translations are very well done and accurate. We are absolutely delighted.

Catherine Brynielsson – Global Marketing Communications and Business Development Manager – Munters Europe AB

I just wanted to tell you that my French-speaking colleagues are very pleased with the text. Many thanks! We look forward to more texts from your French translator.

Roza Mouithsone – Marketing Manager Global Markets & Inside Sales – Projectplace International AB

You delivered everything on time, and the Swedes say the translations are excellent. Absolutely spot on!

Pia Erritsø Christensen – Marketing Manager, Maskinhandler Indkøbsringen – Amba

Impressively good translation! Thank you for the fast, accurate work!

Mikael Baugus – Archivist for the secretariat to the City Council and City Executive Board at the City Executive Office – City of Stockholm

Terrific! Wonderful! You were so quick, thank you!

Sara Nydén – Production Manager – NPP Reklambyrå AB

Thank you for the exemplary service, both in terms of customer care and the (quick!) job done!

Ida Gustafsson – Photowall

A fast service and accurate translation – just what we need!

Emma Axbacke / Julia Sjödahl – Damstahl AB

I can only say it’s always so easy to do business with you!

Kjell Lund – Product Manager Media – SMHI

Absolutely excellent! Thank you so much, it’s great fun working with you. Even though we messed things up a bit this time round, you always find the best solution!

Linda Axelsson – Event & On-line marketing – Orthex Group

facefacefacefacefaceWelcome to Comactiva’s virtual coffee room (in Swedish only)! We have room for everyone. We combine images from the latest kick-off with fascinating clips and links, amusing translation blunders, trendspotting, important facts and trivia about our industry, and what we are passionate about at Comactiva: language and translation. And we are always interested in hearing what language quandaries you’re tackling right now. Feel free to post them on our Facebook wall, then we can ponder them together! www.facebook.com/comactiva

twitter-logotwitter-logotwitter-logotwitter-logotwitter-logoBrevity is the soul of wit. In this case 140 well-chosen characters. In the smallest possible space we share news from Comactiva and welcome debate and dialogue on how, as your language partner, we can further enhance the value of our services (in Swedish only). Follow us on Twitter!

linkedin-logo2linkedin-logo2linkedin-logo2linkedin-logo2linkedin-logo2Comactiva is a member of LinkedIn, the networking site for professionals. Join up and keep up with industry news, business opportunities or any job vacancies we have (in Swedish only). Together we are stronger!

Comactiva on LinkedIn

Blogger-iconBlogger-iconBlogger-iconBlogger-iconBlogger-iconComactiva has a blog (in Swedish only). If you like creative language, translation and communication in general, we think you’d enjoy following us here. We write about current observations and things that occupy our thoughts at that moment – this could be anything from giving praise for a new translation tool to the benefit of knowing the best way to act with a business contact in Japan. Why not subscribe via RSS or sign up directly on the website using a Google account. Our blog

service-konsultation-engservice-konsultation-engservice-konsultation-engservice-konsultation-engservice-konsultation-engWhat should the job title be on the Head of Sales’ business card? Can we use our new product name on the international market? Does the name have the positive associations we intended? Could it even have a specific meaning in a particular language? Contact us and our global network of professional language consultants. Get the basics right and avoid costly misdirected investments.

service-reklamadaption-engservice-reklamadaption-engservice-reklamadaption-engservice-reklamadaption-engservice-reklamadaption-engComactiva has long focused on translating advertisements and market communication. It is second nature for us always to adapt the translation linguistically and culturally to the market where it will be used. Over the years, creative text has become one of our main strengths. But sometimes it takes even more. Inventive copy may have to be completely reworked – with new ideas yet still within the framework of the concept – in order to suit the intended market or to work linguistically. If this is the case, ask us about our advertisement adaptation services.

Comactiva has been adapting advertisement copy for a long time. These assignments generally begin with a meeting where we run through the brief, the conditions for and specific challenges of the assignment, as well as how much free rein the translator and Comactiva have in the process. Interested in finding out more? Complete our quotation form and we’ll be in touch.

service-sattning-engservice-sattning-engservice-sattning-engservice-sattning-engservice-sattning-engDemand for translations delivered in typeset or print-ready form is continuously increasing. To satisfy this demand, Comactiva began a successful collaboration a few years ago with the agency TTS, who specialise in DTP and artwork production. They also complement our team of consultants in technical translation issues. All we need are artwork files and graphics, and you receive your translation attractively formatted and ready for the printers if you wish.

Martin Saldin_webMartin Saldin_webMartin Saldin_webMartin Saldin_webMartin Saldin_web

Martin Saldin

Project Manager

Tel: +46 (0)31-701 48 94

martin (at) comactiva (.) se


Information about you and your company will be handled in line with strict procedures and used solely to improve our service.


All assignments and inquiries are always covered by confidentiality agreements. Your material is in safe hands with us.

Industry knowledge

We know the importance of industry knowledge. Our network includes experienced translators who specialise in your sector.

Request a quotation

Your e-mail


Upload text to translate (max 6Mb)

Target language


Request a quotation

Your e-mail


Upload text to translate (max 6Mb)

Target language


Industry knowledge

We know the importance of industry knowledge. Our network includes experienced translators who specialise in your sector.


All assignments and inquiries are always covered by confidentiality agreements. Your material is in safe hands with us.


Information about you and your company will be handled in line with strict procedures and used solely to improve our service.