Advertisement adaptation

service-reklamadaption-engComactiva has long focused on translating advertisements and market communication. It is second nature for us always to adapt the translation linguistically and culturally to the market where it will be used. Over the years, creative text has become one of our main strengths. But sometimes it takes even more. Inventive copy may have to be completely reworked – with new ideas yet still within the framework of the concept – in order to suit the intended market or to work linguistically. If this is the case, ask us about our advertisement adaptation services.

Comactiva has been adapting advertisement copy for a long time. These assignments generally begin with a meeting where we run through the brief, the conditions for and specific challenges of the assignment, as well as how much free rein the translator and Comactiva have in the process. Interested in finding out more? Complete our quotation form and we’ll be in touch.