Yrkestitlar på svenska och engelska

Group and parent company senior management

Svenska English
VD, koncernledning CEO, Group management
VD, bolagsnivå Managing Director, company level
Affärsutveckling CXO, business development
Ekonomidirektör CFO
IT-chef IT Director
Marknadschef Marketing Director
Informatör Corporate Communications Director/Director, Corporate Communications & Public Affairs
Redovisningschef Financial Controller/Chief Accountant
Personalchef Human Resources Director/HR Director

Company management

Svenska English
VD Managing Director (MD)
Affärsutveckling/ Strateg (lph) CXO/Director of Strategy
Vice VD Deputy Managing Director (Deputy MD)
Ekonomichef Financial Manager/Head of Finance
Teknisk chef Technical Manager
Marknadschef Marketing Manager/Head of Marketing
Försäljningschef/Säljchef Sales Manager
Produktionschef Production Manager
Personalchef/ Administratör Human Resources Manager/Administrator /alt. HR/
Informationsarkitekt Information Architect/Communication Architect


Svenska English
VD assistent/ VD sekreterare PA/Secretary to the Managing Director
Projektledare Project Manager
Ultimate responsibility for customer contacts in ongoing projects
Marknadsassistent Marketing Assistant
Skribent/copy Writer/Copywriter
Formgivare Graphic Designer Web Designer
AD assistant Assistant Graphic Designer/Assistant AD
Programmerare Programmer
Kvalitetsansvarig/ Quality Manager/Quality Co-ordinator
Systemutvecklare Systems Developer
Systemsäljare Systems Sales Executive
Försäljningsansvarig för visst affärsområde Sales Manager/Business Area Sales Manager
Försäljnings-koordinator Sales Co-ordinator (US Coordinator)
Inköpare Buyer
Inköpsassistent Assistant Buyer
Redovisningsassistent Accounts Assistant
Marknadsassistent Marketing Assistant
Produktionsledare Production Manager
Löneansvarig Salaries Co-ordinator (US Coordinator)
Personalassistent Assistant Personnel (alt, Human Resources)